How Do You Become a Member?

How Do You Become a Member?
One of Freemasonry’s customs is to not solicit for members. However, anyone should feel free to approach any Mason to seek further information about the fraternity.

Membership is for men, 21 years of age or older who are of good moral character, and who believe in the existence of a Supreme Being.

A man who wants to join a lodge must be sponsored or recommended by two members of that lodge who will sign the application form. Then, some other members of that lodge may wish to meet the applicant and his wife and family to find out more about him (and to answer any questions he or his family may have about Freemasonry) and to advise him about the initiation fee and the annual dues, what will be expected of him if his application is accepted and what will occur at his initiation into Freemasonry.

To learn more or if you have decided that you are interested in becoming a mason, please contact our Secretary: W Bro. Eddie Besenschek


Man is constantly re-examining his goals and his values as he seeks to relate them to his changing world. In Masonry you will find men of good will and high ideals, men who believe in God and who try to live in a spirit of universal brotherhood. The principles in which they believe are proven and tested. A Masonic lodge is one place in which all can work together with a rare unanimity, looking towards a brighter tomorrow. In short, Masonry is striving to build a better world by building better men to live in it.