Becoming a Mason

Becoming a Mason
Read through the following pages to learn more about Freemasonry. If you decide that you are interested in becoming a mason, please contact our Secretary: W Bro. Eddie Besenschek –

You may have many reasons for your interest in Freemasonry. Perhaps you have a relative or friend who belongs to a lodge. You may have followed the activities of a neighbour or someone in your community whom you know to be a Mason. You may have wondered about the significance of the square and compasses. You will often see men wearing this emblem on a lapel button or a ring. You will see it above the door or set on the side of buildings in our cities and towns. No matter where in the world it is found it always indicates a connection with Freemasonry.

Those of us who are already Masons are pleased that you are interested in our fraternity. We are proud of its unselfish character. We support its programmes, which are designed to improve the individual and to create happiness in a wide variety of ways without thought of reward. We approve of the generous and careful distribution of our resources to those whose need is greater than ours. We believe in the high standards of morality which Masonry teaches and maintains in a world where old ideals are constantly under attack. We who are members value highly the privilege of holding membership in such a time-tested and well proven institution.

In this article you may read more about Freemasonry: about its principles and objectives, its history, what it exects of its members, major misconceptions, what happens at its lodge meetings, your progression through our rituals and how you can become a member.

Information in this section of the site is taken from a booklet by the Grand Lodge Ancient Free & Accepted Masons of Canada in the Province of Ontario, published 1997